Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Extension Engine - a New Link Added To The White Rhino's Favorite Links

One of the many enterprises that my friend, Bob Allard, lends his talent to is Extension Engine (www.extensionengine.com) Bob serves as CEO of this firm that has built a solid track record of solving the software development challenges of companies that range in size from start-up to Global 2000 behemoths. Through Nisa Radovic, Bob's partner and the technical engine that drives Extension Engine, the company is able to serve their client's development needs using a team of skilled developers based in Split, Croatia. The team of developers operate under the able guidance of Niksa's brother. A growing list of companies have found this approaching to "off-shoring" software development to be a better alternative than the more familiar options available in India, China and Russia.

If you know of a company looking to improve quality, turn-around time and effficiency in its software development, I will be happy to put you in contact with Bob Allard and his team.

I am proud to add Extension Engine to The White Rhino's List of Favorite Links.


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