Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Review of: "Giinius Unchained: Everyone's a Giinius at Something" by Kate McKeown

Kate McKeown was the co-author, with Lou Mobley, of the classic study entitled "Beyond IBM." Almost thirty years after its initial publication, this study in innovation remains timely and relevant. Professor McKeown now offers "Giinius Unchained" as a prescription for systems change in one generation.  She takes aim at our current models of education, which she pejoratively labels "RAMIT" and offers an alternative approach that she calls "SPIIRIT," which is a comprehensive approach to lifelong learning and creating.

The author has proved her theories with more than a thousand Giinius" students, many of whom have become  successful entrepreneurs after she taught them in the MBA program at Fordham University.  Along the way, the  book offers links to relevant works of innovators, entrepreneurs and artists whose work exemplifies the ethos of the SPIRIT approach to learning and living - from Bruce Springsteen to Plato, from Lady Gaga to Pete Peterson, from George Lucas to Joseph Campbell..

The book as a delicious smorgasbord of intriguing and stimulating ideas, with calls to action for those who resonate with the author's passion.