Thursday, September 14, 2006

. . . But, I Am An Even Bigger Fan of Thymn Chase - Introducing "Lost in Krakow"

My son, Tim - who has taken to spelling his name "Thymn" - is a gifted writer and intrepid world traveler. For the past two years, he has called Krakow, Poland home. Thymn and several colleagues - Poles and ex-patriots living in Krakow - have just launched a new magazine called "Lost in Krakow."

If you open the link below and click on the image of the cover of the first edition, you can download a .pdf version of this magazine's inaugural offering. I have just finished reading my way through it. The magazine is a marvelous potpourri designed to help ex-pat residents of Krakow feel more at home in their adopted city, and to connect homesick natives of Krakow living outside of Poland with their roots.

I could not be more proud of Thymn! Besides being a better writer and musician than his old man, he has an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for adventure and innovation that leave me awestruck!

I encourage you to sample the magazine and to pass it along to others who have a love for that part of the world.

I have added "Lost in Krakow" to The White Rhino's Favorite Links from A-Z.



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