Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Move To Kendall Square - A Quick Update

Most of the readers of The White Rhino Report are aware that after the first of the year I will be launching my own Executive Search firm – to be known as White Rhino Partners. The official launch will happen on January 16 after I return from several weeks of traveling and visiting family and friends. Last Monday, I began moving files and personal belongings into my new office space within Cambridge Innovation Center in Kendall Square on the edge of the MIT campus in Cambridge. The address is 1 Broadway.

If that address sounds familiar to you, it may be because you have seen it on the news these past few days. The building was the sight of the tragic explosion and fire last Friday that claimed the life of an NStar employee who was doing routine maintenance on a high-voltage transformer. Please join me for praying for the family of Kevin Fidalgo.


I was not in the building at the time of the fire, since I was in New York City for several days of meetings. Several of my friends who also work in the building had to break windows and climb out onto the roof of the garage to escape the black and acrid smoke that hampered the evacuation of over 700 building inhabitants.

As of this morning, the report is that the building may not be ready for re-occupation for another 2 weeks, pending a retrofitting of the duct system to prevent a recurrence of the ventilation problem that caused the stairwells to fill with smoke.

Please keep me and the rest of the building’s tenants in your thoughts and prayers as we all figure out how to work around not having office space nor access to any of our files or personal belongings that remain in the building. While the situation is annoying and temporarily inconvenient, I am thankful that the loss of life was not worse than it was and that my colleagues and fellow tenants were able to escape.

I am fortunate in that I had planned to travel during the few weeks around the holidays, so perhaps by the time I return from my travels, I will be able to finish the process of moving in and launching White Rhino Partners. I appreciate your understanding if you have difficulty trying to reach me over the course of the next several weeks. While traveling, I hope to be able to sporadically access my new e-mail account – achase@whiterhinopartners.com. So, feel free to use that address if you need to reach me before January 16.

God bless.


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Dear Al:

Glad you are A-OK!

Have a safe trip.