Monday, April 23, 2007

Someone at Google Has a Marvelous Sense of Humor!

Sometimes we take ourselves way too seriously. This is clearly not true of our friends at Google.

My friend, Mark Sohmer, is a regular reader of, and contributor to, The White Rhino Report. This morning, Mark forwarded the following suggestions, which I followed. It took 30 seconds and brought a smile to my face. I smiled because I love the fact the Google as able and willing to have some fun while providing valuable services. I also smiled because the route to Paris, as they recommend it here – goes through Boston!

Enjoy. Thanks Mark!


Go to

Click on maps.

Click on "get directions."

Type in "New York, NY" and "Paris, France" in the upper-left, and then click on the "get directions" button.

Once it loads, check out the 24th direction.


Anonymous said...

It's an honor to finally be able to contribute to this blog!

But someone warned me that Long Wharf is private property, so you might not be able to drive your car that way. Perhaps you should seek an alternate route. ;)


Steve Barton said...

Get directions from NY, NY to London, England and Google will have you jumping in the water closer to home.

Thanks for highlighting this!