Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Belated Tribute to Some Recent Graduates from HBS and KSG

I mentioned in a posting a couple of week’s ago that I had attended the graduation of my friend, John Serafini, from Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government. At the time, I did not have time to also mention several other former military officers who were also completing their studies and receiving the MBA degrees from HBS. They have been active members of the Armed Forces Alumni Association on campus, and I have been pleased to get to know them during their time at Harvard.

So, I offer a tip of the cap and a salute to a great group of men and women who will be taking their Harvard training and their experience as battle-tested leaders into a variety of fields.

Daniel Bradley Bozung

Jeffrey Aaron Brewer

Donovan Campbell III

Briah Leigh Carey

Jacob John Carr

Andrew William Casey

Joseph Michael Ewers

Brian John Gebhardt

Brandon Dale Holden

Samuel James Hudson

Jennifer Toby Johnson

Mark Densel Kerber

Thomas Chul Kim

Sung Woo Lee

Meighan Kathleen McNulty

Thomas Sinclair Messervy

Francis John Monterisi, Jr.

William Douglas Moorehead

Matthew James Morgan

David Michael Muhlenkamp

Reid Thomas Nahm

Quan Thanh Nguyen

Robert William Niemeyer

Matthew Reid Powell

Zachary Evans Rossley

Matthew Bennington Scherrer

John Sheldon Serafini

Matthew Stephen Valle

Shawn Michael Wagoner

John Thomas Williams

Let me point out two graduates in particular, whose post-Harvard assignments are worthy of note.

Joe Ewers remains in the US Army, and is heading back to his alma mater, West Point, to join the faculty in the Behavioral Sciences and Leadership Department.

Donovan “Dono” Campbell graduated with High Distinction and was named a Baker Scholar, the highest honor HBS bestows upon its graduates. Dono has been recalled to active duty with the Marine Corps, and expects to be redeployed to Iraq soon.

Keep these young leaders in your thoughts and prayers as they transition to new responsibilities.


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