Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Two Friends - Two New Blogs

Last week - within the space of 30 minutes - I received calls from two of my friends, David Schoenberger and Rich Adler. In each case, the message was essentially the same: "I am following in your footsteps and launching a Blog. I have just published my first posting." I was delighted at the double dose of good news. Both David and Rich have a great deal of value to say on a variety of topics, and I have already enjoyed reading their initial postings. so, I am pleased to introduce to the readers of The White Rhino Report these two new offering in the Blogosphere.

Here is Dr. Richard Adler's Blog:

The More Things Change

Welcome to my blog, which will explore ideas relating to change and decision-making. I intend to focus primarily on models for understanding, anticipating, initiating, and responding to change – be it social, political, or conceptual. Examples include simulations based on complex adaptive systems theory and models for public policy or organizational change. I invite you to join me in reflecting on how decision-making can be improved in the face of continual change.



Through this Guy's Eye . . .


Enjoy them both!


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