Monday, July 28, 2008

How to contain radical Islam - USMC Captain Donovan Campbell

How to contain radical Islam

The best global strategy for the US may be the one that won the Cold War

By Commander Philip Kapusta and Captain Donovan Campbell

My good friend, Marine Corps Captain Donovan Campbell has just co-authored an article that ran in yesterday's Boston Sunday Globe. In this article, Captain Campbell, a veteran of three deployments to Southwest Asia, teams with Commander Kapusta to offer one of the most cogent arguments I have yet encountered on how the United States should respond to the realities of the Post-9/11 world. In a nutshell, they make a very compelling case for promulgating a policy of "neocontainment" to parallel the policies that worked so well for the U.S. in containing and ultimately defeating Communism during the Cold War.

Boston Sunday Globe Article

This article is well worth your time to read and digest.



Michael Ortlieb said...

Wow Al. Excellent article, well worth the read. I agree heartily with his closing statement, that in our results-driven society, it is difficult for many people to implement a plan that may not be realized in their lifetimes. It makes me respect rulers in the ancient world who began construction on monuments, aqueducts, or pyramids, knowing they would not be completed until decades or centuries after their deaths. We need more leaders with that kind of foresight.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to the authors of the article, aren't we exactly in the kind of war in Iraq and Afghanistan that they say is necessary if the Homeland gets hit by an attack? In this instance, preemptive seems necessary - I'd rather have them fight over there than on our soil. "Neocontainment" would not work because the enemy is not bounded by regional, national or state boundaries, as witnessed on 9-11. As Joel Rosenberg says: "pray for peace but prepare for war."