Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Mini-Review: "False Impression" by Jeffrey Archer

A couple of years ago I reviewed another novel by Jeffrey Archer.

Previous Archer Review

In that review, I talked about my having met Archer in London. I also took issue with his misuse of the term "alumni." I have no such ax to grind this time around. Archer has shown himself in "False Impression" to be the consummate story teller that many prominent reviewers have acclaimed him to be.

From opening paragraph to denouement, Archer paints a vivid portrait of murder, forgery, deception and double-dealing - all set in New York, London and Tokyo in the days just before and after 9/11/2001.

I am loathe to reveal too many of the plot details, because there are some quirky twists and turns appropriate to a novel that centers on a stolen Van Gogh self-portrait. Archer frames his story beautifully with 9/11 events, memorable characters and fast-paced action.

If you like action-based fiction written in stylish Queen's English, and have an interest in the world of art, this book is for you.



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