Monday, June 01, 2009

Jakes Armerding’s New Album – “Her”

Last year, Jake Armerding dematriculated from the list of America’s most eligible bachelors. One of the by-products of Jake’s status as a new husband is that he has spent the past year “grooming” some new songs that have just been released in the form of a CD entitled – appropriately enough – “Her.” I love this CD, but then, if you have been following this Blog for any length of time, you will already be aware that I love all of Jake’s CD’s!

“Her” offers a nice variety of musical styles, rhythms, emotional atmospheres and instrumental combinations. The back-up musicians that Jake was able to assemble for this project are truly gifted. Many of them are already well known to aficionados of the folk and bluegrass genres.

The line-up includes:

Taylor Armerding on mandolin

Kevin Barry on lead guitar and lap steel

Damien Bassman on drums, djembe, and other percussive surfaces

Paul Bessenbacher on piano

Mark Erelli on guitar

Richard Gates on electric bass

Zack Hickman on upright bass

The results of this collaboration are magical. From the opening song, “Up on the Rim,” to the last, “The Coastline,” the album offers something for every musical taste. If you already love Jake’s music, you will certainly embrace this latest offering. If you have yet to discover the wonders of the Armerding ambiance, “Her,” is a good way to stick you toe in the water. Over the past few days, I have found myself humming or singing snippets from “$2 Kite” and the rollicking “Song of Solomon.” I invite you to join me in excavating the riches buried within these Solomon’s Mines.

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