Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mini-Review of "Get A Life, Not a Job" by Dr. Paula Caligiuri

Dr. Paula Caligiuri has changed the game when it comes to books about career with her volume entitled: "Get A Life, Not a Job (94,365 Hours of Your Life Are Spent Working . . .Do What You Love and Let Your Talents Work for you)".

I must thank my friend, Jeff Caliguire, for making me aware of this book. He has quoted Dr. Caligiuri several times in his on-line newsletter, "Jeff Caliguire Online"

Jeff Caliguire Online

In this book, the author begins with a premise first posited 2,500 years ago by Confucius: "Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life." She translated that timeless truth into the realities of the workplace in America in the 21st century. She is an evangelistic for the principle of taking ownership of one's "Career Acts." She summarizes this new reality in the second page of this book: "As almost everyone who is currently working knows, this 'career plan' or psychological contract with employers is obsolete and largely a fool's mission for those who still expect it with most firms in today's employment reality. . . . Employers have no long-term commitment to their employees and employees have no long-term commitment to their employers." (Page 2)

Using mini-case studies of women and men who have taken ownership of their own "career acts," Dr. Caligiuri offers a series of simple self-assessment tools to lead the reader through an unblinking evaluation of his own career path and plan.

I have already started giving out copies of this book to individuals who are asking well-informed and appropriate questions about their own careers.

This book is a great tool. Use it to help you to "Get a Life - Not a Job"!



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