Monday, February 21, 2011

Job Opportunities in China, India and Japan - How is your Mandarin, Hindi or Japanese?

One of my client companies is hiring aggressively "AAA candidates" in a variety of disciples. Here is a description for what they are looking for in China:

The client is a fast-growing and well-established company that is aggressively hiring people to work for them in Beijing and elsewhere in China. They will hire quickly based on positive phone interviews. They have both pre-MBA and post-MBA roles, and are hiring both ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese.

Please distribute this information to all of your Mandarin-speaking networks.

This is a great opportunity for Mandarin speakers to work in Beijing and other cities in China. Looking for sales, marketing, strategic planners, HR, and other top talent to build out the team for a fast growing and well-established company. Only AAA candidates who are wired as high-energy entrepreneurs should apply.

The same company is also hiring Hindi speakers for similar positions in India as well as Japanese speakers for positions in Tokyo.

Send MS-Word version of resume and cover letter to:

Contact me for details.



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