Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Stunning Triumph of an Espionage Novel: "Cloaks and Veils" by J.C. Carleson

I have very high standards when it comes to espionage novels.  I compare many writers to John LeCarre, Robert Ludlum and Alan Furst.  So it takes an extraordinary book to grab my attention and to gain my respect.  J.C. Carleson has done just that with her very readable "Cloaks and Veils."

J. C. Carleson is a former undercover CIA officer. Her near-decade of covert service took her around the globe, from bomb shelters in war zones to swanky cocktail parties in European capitals.  She clearly draws from her deep experience within the CIA - both her operational experience and her knowledge of the internecine struggles that exists sub rose in the Agency.

The plot involves a complex web of assignments, betrayals, compartmentalized missions, revenge and assassination.  Several of the plot twists both surprised and delighted me.In the shadowy world of espionage and counter-espionage, it is almost impossible to know whom to trust.  In the world of spy novels, I trust J.C. Carleson to continue to use her considerable array of gifts to entertain and to inform me.



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