Monday, March 30, 2015

Exiled Theatre Presents "Strange Days" by James Wilkinson - At The Green Street Studios in Central Square through April 5

There is a new tassel on the Fringe of Boston's Theatre Community, and that tassel drips rubies - like Sweeney Todd's beloved razor.  If your tastes run to the macabre, then run to Central Square for the final weekend of performances of "Strange Days," the initial offering by Exiled Theatre.  This new theatre company was founded by James Wilkinson and Teri Incampo.  Their collaboration began during their student days at Trinity College.  Mr. Wilkinson is the author of the inaugural play, "Strange Days."  Ms. Incampo directs this series of five vignettes.

For fear of spoiling some delicious twists and turns, I will not reveal much about the plots of these five short pieces, other than to say that they are wedded together by the common theme of strange and disturbing events occurring in the quotidian lives of the characters.  The many characters are portrayed by a quartet of very capable actors - Daniel Bitar, Katherine Jordan, Eric McGowan and Gail Shalan.

Mr. Wilkinson is clearly inspired and influenced by several streams that flow together into the crimson pool that is "Strange Days."  I recognize his fascination with radio dramas of the 1930 and 1940s, film noir, Edgar Alan Poe and Stephen King, and some very Chekhovian references to individuals failing to connect with each other.  In the vignette "Drive, Eric McGowan reminded me of a frightening reincarnation of a young  Jack Nicholson in "The Shining."  First-time actor Daniel Bitar is appropriately creepy in the opening piece, "Delicious."  Gail Shalan and Katherine Jordan keep us on the edge of our seats in the very cinematic "Nurse Call."

With the keen creative energies of Mr. Wilkinson and Ms. Incampo at the helm and access to excellent acting talent, the future looks bright for this young company. Boston welcomes this new addition to the already vibrant fringe theater scene.

"Strange Days" is playing through April 5 at The Green Street Studios, 185 Green Street in Central Square.

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