Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Mini-Review of "Nan-Core" by Mahokaru Numata and translated by Jonathan Lloyd-Davis

This small novel, "Nan-Core," is beautifully written by Mahokaru Numata and translated by Jonathan Lloyd-Davies.  A young Japanese man discovers some notebooks hidden away in the closet of his dying father.  What he reads in those notebooks causes him to question everything he thinks he knows about his family.  He sets out on a mission to discover the truth of who the people really were whom he called his mother and his father.  Along the way, we see glimpses of several generations of intrigue and struggles with family honor that are quintessentially Japanese in their ethos.  While telling a chilling tale of mystery and murder, Ms. Numata examines the true nature of family, love, forgiveness, honor, and identity.



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