Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Review of "Political Justice" by Dennis Carstens - A Marc Kadella Legal Mystery

"Political Justice" by Dennis Carstens is part of the author's Marc Kadella Legal Mystery Series. In this installment, the action follows a Machiavellian Presidential candidate whose randy desires led him into murky waters, and a plot to frame a naive young aide for the death of a young girl whom the candidate had bedded. The candidate's complicit wife takes advantage of the situation to boost her own ambitions. Attorney Marc Kadella is called upon to find justice for the innocent young man who has been framed. Complex plot twists and memorable characters make this a good read.

We see a sordid side of life in the underbelly of Washington political life that is all the more plausible given the undrained swap we all now observe in our nation's capital. Think "House of Cards" meets the Land of Trump, and you will have a feel for the craven ambiance of this novel's landscape.



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