Sunday, November 11, 2018

"The Field" by Ian Dawson - Art Imitates Life In A Story of Abduction and Rescue

In "The Field," Ian Dawson digs deep into his boyhood memories to craft a page turner about an adolescent who is abducted and tortured by two older teenagers. Daniel Robinson and his best friend, Kyle, have claimed for themselves an empty field near their homes as their own private kingdom to be explored during their free time. In a misguided choice to get in a quick visit to a special part of their field to play a game of hide and seek, Daniel finds himself isolated from Kyle and is defenseless against the older and larger boys. They take him to their lair where they have already imprisoned a younger boy. The sociopath, Austin, has bullied and enslaved the weaker James to serve as his accomplice. The mayhem they have in mid for Daniel and young Colby is terrifying. Kyle is determined to find his missing friend and do whatever it takes to return him to safety. The resulting action is non-stop and fascinating.

Along the way, as he develops the compelling narrative, the author explores many themes that will resonate with young readers: bullying, the awkwardness of puberty and raging hormone, young love, the difference between true friendship and obsession. Mr. Dawson perfectly captures the voice and the emotional state of the typical middle school student looking to figure out who he is and what his place in the world should be.




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