Sunday, April 28, 2019

"Stop Talking, Start Influencing" by Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath - A MUST READ for Leaders, Learners, Teachers and Coaches

What does is take for a book to be considered a MUST READ? I can think of several criteria:

  • The book presents new ideas in ways that are intriguing and engaging
  • The book presents familiar ideas in novel ways that cause the reader to see things in a new light
  • The author creates a context for the content that makes the ideas comprehensible, accessible, and practicable
  • The writer weaves the concepts into memorable stories
  • The writer employs a literary style that is pleasing and frictionless

All of these things can be said of "Stop Talking, Start Influencing" by Dr. Jared Cooney Horvath. The author is an Educational Neuroscientist from the University of Melbourne and Harvard. He employs up to the minute research on neuroscience to address issues of how we learn, remember, and uses these insights to suggest impactful ways to influence those we teach, coach, and do business with.

Over the course of twelve chapters, Dr. Horvath introduces a dozen concepts that shed light on how to make a message stick. Each of the chapters is filled with insights gleaned from neuroscience discoveries, many of which were enabled by breakthrough fMRI technology. Horvath has a knack for presenting complex ideas in ways that are accessible to readers who are not scientists without devolving into simplistic summaries.

Key concepts include:

  • Explaining how the brain processes images and speech
  • Demonstrating that the brain tags memories using three dimensional space as an important tool
  • Explodes the myth that multitasking is possible
  • Introduces the concept of "interleaving" that impacts how a coach should set up practicing specific skills
  • The important role that story plays in recall and retrieval
  • The vastly different effects of moderate stress and extreme stress
  • Using distributed sequencing to enhance long term recall of important information

I am already making plans to send copies of this watershed book to friends and clients. It is that good and that impactful. I have also begun to watch and listen to several of Dr. Horvath's sessions that are available on YouTube.

If you are in a position to influence others - in your role as teacher, coach, business owner, then order this book now and put the insights to work immediately.


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