Sunday, June 02, 2019

Brave The Wave" by Johnny Cavazos, M.D. - An Intimate Spiritual Memoir of a Journey Toward Christian Faith

In offering "Brave The Wave," author Johnny Cavazos, M.D., is presenting a memoir of his own spiritual journey. It is his stated purpose to encourage each reader to "Discover and fully realize your authentic self."  (p.28)

Dr. Cavazos has a unique perspective. He credits two sources for his decision to embrace a personal Christian faith. He credits Rick Warren's landmark book, "The Purpose Driven Life," with getting hims started on the road toward embracing Christianity. He also has done extensive research into Near Death Experiences (NDE). His journey of faith has concluded that traditional biblical teaching and the narrative from Near Death Experiences highlight the same two keystone principals: Love and Light.

Seen through another lens, "Brave The Wave" is an extended Gospel tract. The author is passionate about his discoveries of spiritual truths, and he is eager for readers to embark on a similar journey. He peppers each chapter with many Bible verses. He places these verses in context of how they have impacted him and the lives of others he is familiar with.

If you are open to reading an honest and heart-flt testimony of a medical doctor who has embraced Christ and the Christian faith, you will find this book inspiring and challenging. His bottom line conclusion about each person's purpose in life is this: "The reality is we're on this planet to learn to love others." (p. 26)



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