Wednesday, January 12, 2005

NASCAR Dads Wanted! (Seriously)

Here is a posting you never thought you would see from The White Rhino!

I have a protégé and close friend who works for a major publishing house. They are looking to branch out beyond the traditional bounds of book publishing. One idea is to go after audiences that might not think of themselves primarily as book lovers, but who have a need and desire for information that would come in a format that is not limited to printed books. One such market could be NASCAR fans. Early ideas would include producing audio books of NASCAR drivers telling stories of their careers or narrating particular races, downloadable video from the cockpit of the car, live video feeds from the Pit, videos and interviews with the crew at work preparing the car, etc.

If you have a love for NASCAR or know someone in your circle who is a NASCAR fan, I would love to hear about additional ideas regarding the kinds of information that you would like to have available for purchase about the sport - information that might be provided by a publishing house willing to think outside the box and to disseminate information in a non-book format.

Dale Junior and I thank you!


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OK. Now you're an expert in the military AND Nascar? I don't know how much more of this I can take...