Thursday, May 26, 2005

Back By Popular Demand

I was not abducted by Aliens. I am alive and well. My unexpected hiatus from Blogging is over. I did some traveling to Virginia to join my brother and sister in helping my mother deal with some health issues. And the weeks since my return have been filled with playing catch-up, so Blogging got trumped by the Tyranny of the Urgent.

I knew it was time to get back the the White Rhino Report when one of my friends in Philadelphia asked me: "Do you know what happened on April 22?"

ALC: "Yeah, it was my birthday."

"That's not what I meant. It was the date of your last Blog posting!"

Several others have phoned, written and picketed my office - protesting the lack of timely Blog postings. So, I capitulate and return to the Blogging Wars.

Next up . . . Seth Godin's latest book.


Mark said...

Welcome back Al! :)

Please drop an email or give a call sometime so we can catch up! :)

Devo said...

Welcome back, indeed! I'm a bit disappointed to hear that you have no juicy alien tales with which to regale us, though. I was looking forward to hearing all about the insides of a real spaceship... Maybe next time.

Hope your mother is feeling better...

Anonymous said...

Wondered what happened to you.....keep me on your list.