Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Most Fun I Have Ever Had Learning A New Language – The Rosetta Stone Connection

I am reluctant to post anything on this site that would make it feel as if I were turning it into a vehicle for shamelessly hawking goods or services. For that reason, I often err on the side of withholding information that may be of use to some of my readers. In the past few weeks, at least a half dozen of my colleagues and friends have had conversations with me that included some version of the following lines: “I wish you had told me that you have an affiliation with Rosetta Stone; I need to learn . . . [Chinese, Arabic, Spanish] and I hear that Rosetta Stone is the best program out there.” So, to ensure that everyone who needs to know about the connection between Rosetta Stone and me, here is the saga.

A few months ago I was wrestling with a desire to learn several more languages, and also with frustration that my work and travel schedule had made it impossible to sign up for any of the classes that are offered in the Greater Boston area. One day as I was passing through the Prudential Mall in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, I happened upon the Rosetta Stone kiosk. Once I saw the demonstration of Rosetta Stone’s translation-free approach to language learning – an approach that recreates the way we learned our first language as babies – I knew that I wanted to use this tool.

I was motivated to improve the little bit of Russian that I have picked up in my travels to Russia and Ukraine over the past few years. I wanted to master Brazilian Portuguese because I have many Brazilian friends now living in the Boston area. And, I wanted to introduce myself to Bahasa Indonesia to facilitate my being able to communicate effectively when I travel to Indonesia – when time and budget allow.

One thing led to another and the District Manager of Rosetta Stone asked me if I could give them a few hours on the weekend to demonstrate the software. The thinking was that having a businessman who travels internationally and who has used Rosetta Stone successfully would add weight and credibility to the demonstration of the product. So, for several months I have been doing just that. I have picked up enough new knowledge in just demonstrating the software that I have been able to test myself on the first few lessons of 17 different languages! Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!

I have been pleased that I have been in a position to offer to family and friends this incredible tool - and at a price below retail costs. So, having been prompted to do so by some of the satisfied customers, I am making the readers of this Blog aware of this remarkable language-learning tool.

Check out the Rosetta Stone website to acquaint yourself with the software. You may have seen the advertisement in in-flight magazines. There is also a national radio ad campaign running; locally I have heard the spots on WBX – AM 1030. Rosetta Stone is now the language learning system of choice of the Peace Corps, U.S. State Department, NASA and about 10,000 schools. Berlitz now offers Rosetta Stone software as part of its corporate training suite of programs.


If you are interested in ordering the software for yourself or as a gift, let me know and I will be happy to extend the offer of a 10% discount off of the prices quoted on the Website, plus free shipping.

Let me know if you have any questions about Rosetta Stone.

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