Friday, September 16, 2005


A few weeks ago (August 26) I posted a talent alert for Solutions Sales Professionals in a variety of territories. I want to thank all who have spread the word and sent resumes. Let me offer a couple of points of clarification so that I do not waste anyone's time:

* There is no open position in Boston or New England - that territory is fully staffed.

* The territories that are the top priority at the moment include: NYC, DC, BALT/PHIL, North Carolina, LA, DETROIT, TORONTO, ST. LOUIS, OHIO/Western PA, MIAMI.

* Qualified candidates need to already be in residence and well-established in the territory. The will be no relocations.

* Only candidates who are currently sole practitioners - not sales mangers - will be considered. These are classic "hunter" roles.

I will be happy to e-mail full job descriptions to anyone who inquires.

Thanks for your continuing help in spreading the word.


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