Thursday, December 08, 2005

Networking In Real Time - How to Build Your Network

I love it when several minds share the same thought simultaneously. Earlier today, within the space of a few minutes, several individuals made me aware of the article linked below. "How To Build Your Network" by Brian Uzzi and Shannon Dunlap appears in this month's edition of The Harvard Business Review online.

Harvard Business Review Online How to Build Your Network

The premise of this article is very consistent with what I have been observing and experiencing personally in trying to balance the many competing dynamics involved in the care and feeding of a healthy social network. Towards the end of the article, the authors make a strong point about the value of "relationship brokers" in building effective networks. As I read this part of the article, my mind immediately turned to a unique collection of brokers and connectors whom I am pleased to count among my closest friends. As individuals, each of these three gentlemen cuts an imposing figure in the world - they are all brilliant and creative entrepreneurs who have earned the moniker "Renaissance Man." Together, they are an unstoppable force for creativity and value creation!

Bob Allard is CEO of Extension Engine and Retention Engine (

Richard Banfield is CEO at Fresh Tilled Soil, as well a principal in several other simulataneous ventures. (

Bob Glazer is Vice President of Operation for Isis Maternity, and Founder of Bobby's Best (linked below) (

Together, they have created an informal syndicate that they are calling "R3" - (Richard, Robert and Robert). R3 serves as a platform from which the three of them help one another to develop new ideas for businesses and services. From that platform, "Bobby's Best" has already been launched, "You Should Meet" is in Beta test mode, as is "Referral Monitor" and "Start-Up Business School."

As you read the Harvard business review article, I encourage you to go through the same process I just did of taking stock of the people you know in your network who are brokers and connectors. Then, look for a way to add value to them by offering to connect them with someone they need to meet or would like to meet.

Enjoy the beauty of this New England snow storm!


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