Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mini-Review: "Dark Justice" by Jack Higgins

I continue to plow through Jack Higgins titles at a fairly brisk pace. His novels of intrigue and espionage are like an open bag of potato chips; you just can't eat one! With "Dark Justice," Higgins addresses the post-9/11 world of anti-terrorism - both in the U.S. and in the U.K. In each nation, the response to heightened threats of terrorism has been to create a shadow counter-terrorism team - one reporting soley to the U.S. President, the other reporting to the Prime Minister.

The plot ingredients for "Dark Justice" include a former IRA terrorist who now works for the Prime Minister in combatting terror, a Russian oil mogol who is a friend of Putin, a failed assassination attempt on the American President, and internal conflict within the Prime Minister's shadow team about the moral dilemma of operating "above the law" in order to have a fighting chance to thwart the terrorists.
As always, Higgins adds his own special blend of spices - well-drawn characters and unanticipated plot twists that makes this "bag of potato chips" delicious, crunchy and satisfying.

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