Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scott St. Germain Chimes In About Mrs. Millar

Some of the readers of The White Rhino Report may have missed the comment that Scott St. Germain posted yesterday in response to Monday's posting about Kevin Millar's return to Boston. If you missed it, here are Scott's words:

White Rhino Report readers,

Yes, I will validate the Disclaimer. I did insist that Al publish this report.

Seeing Al interact and hug Mrs. Kevin Millar was truly a milestone in Red Sox history (at least by my definition!). In retrospect, the meeting of Al and Gina was quite symbolic : Red Sox faithful meets Red Sox of the past, East coaster meets Good ol' Texan, and Beauty meets ...

Al, you never cease to amaze me. Thanks for a wonderful memory.

Scott St. Germain

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