Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Pat Tillman’s Brother Shares His Anguish and His Anger

Pat Tillman is one of my heroes. In my office, there hangs a Sports Illustrated cover with Pat’s picture taken with him wearing his Arizona Cardinals uniform. This issue of SI was released in the spring of 2004.

This past Monday, Pat Tillman would have celebrated another birthday – his 30th. You are all aware that Pat died in Afghanistan in April of 2004. It took tremendous pressure from the Tillman family to force investigations that ultimately revealed that Pat’s death was attributable to “friendly fire.”

Pat and his brother, Kevin, joined the Army together, and both served as Rangers. Kevin left the Army in 2005, and as a civilian, has become outspoken about his views of the war. As I read his words, it is clear that he is making no effort to be “objective” or “politically correct” in sharing his opinions and observations. He speaks from his personal pain and experience. It is not an easy message to read, but one that deserves our thoughtful consideration.

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