Tuesday, January 23, 2007

White Rhino Partners Update

A number of readers of the White Rhino Report have had difficulty reaching me, and many have also been wondering about e-mail notification of new postings.

Here is a quick overview of recent weeks, which will explain some of the recent history:

Early in December, I began setting up my new office at Cambridge Innovation Center. When I had moved about 30% of my things into the new office, the building experienced a devastating explosion and fire, and was essentially closed for a month. So, I had to scramble to finish emptying my old office at Sales Consultants of Wellesley, and put things in storage pending my return from a long-awaited trip to Europe to visit with family and friends.

Just prior to leaving for Europe, I switched hosts for my new whiterhinopartners.com e-mail domain, and in the hand-off from one host to another, e-mails disappeared into the ether. The helpful IT team here at Cambridge Innovation Center has just helped me to resolve those issues, so I am seeing hundreds of e-mails for the first time, many of which were originally sent a month ago.

The rest of this week is dedicated to getting all of my files and systems up and running in the new office.

* * * * *

Beginning today, I will attempt to notify those who wish to be notified of new Blog postings. The old notification list did not survive the transition to the new server, so if you wish to be notified by e-mail of new postings, please send me a notice at: achase47@gmail.com, and I will be glad to put you on the new distribution list.

Thanks for your understanding.


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