Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another Boston Hidden Treasure - Rush Seats at the Boston Symphony

The Boston Symphony Orchestra has long been considered one of the world’s leading orchestras, and it is revered here in the Bay State as a valued cultural icon. Most performances during the orchestra’s season are sold out, as are performances at the BSO’s summer home at Tanglewood in the Berkshires. These are exciting times for the BSO. Musical Director, James Levine, has people buzzing. Some of the Boston’s Brahmins, grandes dames and “ladies who lunch” are apoplectic over his choice to add so many modern works to the BSO repertoire, but he is also attracting a new generation of listeners.

A little-known secret is that there is an endowed program that sets aside a certain number of seats for selected performances, and those seats are made available as “Rush Tickets” at a greatly reduced price. Rush seats are available for Tuesday evening, Thursday evening and Friday afternoon performances. For Rush Tickets, the ticket window inside Symphony Hall on the corner of Massachusetts and Huntington Avenues opens at 5:00 PM for evening performances, and 9:00 for afternoon concerts. The tickets are $8 per person, and must be paid in cash. Only one ticket per person will be sold.

I have taken advantage of this opportunity several times in the past few months, and have experiences some wonderful music – Mozart, Haydn, Sibelius, Debussy. It is my observation that not all the rush seats are used for each concert, so I am not afraid that by sharing this information I will be killing the goose that lays the golden egg! Prior to each concert, ticket holders are invited to attend a free pre-concert lecture that describes in detail the upcoming musical program.

Check out the BSO Website for upcoming concerts.

I look forward to seeing you in the Rush Ticket line for a future concert!



Justindrums said...

Yes, the rush tickets are a great thing AL, although my one rush story did not turn out so successfully. As you can imagine, getting to the BSO for 9am on a Friday is a near impossibility for me, but I did it! The line was out the door at 8:45 and they only give out 100 seats. The tickets sold out four people in front of me! I haven't been back to try my luck, but if I do, I'll be there extra early!
Long live the BSO!

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