Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A White Rhino Report Reader Shares Memories of Tim O’Brien

Last week I review Tim O’Brien’s remarkable book, “The Things They Carried.”


I was pleased to hear from my friend, Dale Slongwhite, who is herself a published author and encourager of other writers. She leads writing workshops in a variety of locations across the country. Dale shared these memories of her first encounter with Tim O’Brien:

Tim O'Brien and "The Things They Carried." What a memory for me! In 1988 I wrote a novel and circulated it for a year with many rejections. In 1989 I decided there was something about writing I didn't know and I was going to find it out. I went to the library (before Internet days) and wrote down the name of every college within a one hour radius of my house. I then went home and called them all with the same question, "Do you have writing classes?" It turns out the University of Lowell was offering a lot of writing classes that summer all around the same time. Then in between classes they would have guest authors for readings and anyone could attend. Tim O'Brien was the first one. I invited my whole family who thoroughly enjoyed it. That was my first book signed by the author. . .which started a whole collection. I remember being so amazed by him. . .so unassuming. . .


Thanks, Dale.

For more information about Dale’s Write Lines writing workshops, you can reach her at:



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