Friday, June 29, 2007

An Update Regarding Veterans’ Health Care

Regular readers of The White Rhino Report will recall that in March I addressed the issue of inadequate health care for our military and veterans. At that time, I indicated that I had contacted several members of Congress to express my outrage and concern. I encouraged readers to also reach out to their representatives.

I want to give you an update and make you aware of a substantive response I received from Congressman John Tierney.

I encourage you to join me in continuing to monitor the progress that our leaders in Washington are making in addressing the need for reform in this vital area of national concern.

Dear Dr. Chase:

Your recent comments regarding the House Oversight's National Security Subcommittee's investigation of conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center have been brought to my attention. I appreciate the opportunity to respond.

Thank you for contacting me to share your thoughts concerning the health systems for wounded soldiers. As you may know, I was frustrated to learn of what happened, and I am concerned that the stories that have been shared are becoming all too common ones about a lack of respect and care for our returning soldiers, veterans, and their families.

As the new Chairman of the House Oversight's National Security Subcommittee, I was proud to have held our inaugural hearing at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to help shed some light into the inadequate care and conditions for our wounded heroes at that facility. It is also becoming clear that there is a growing national consensus that many of the military and VA facilities are not up to the standards they should be, and that overly bureaucratic processes used to care for our nations heroes need to be reformed - immediately. The National Security Subcommittee has already held a second hearing on these issues, and we will continue our vigorous oversight.

As Chairman of the Subcommittee, be assured that I will not sit back and wait for the Executive Branch to address these issues on their own timetable. Rather, the Subcommittee will act to hold accountable those officials who have not paid adequate attention to the needs of soldiers and their families.

More importantly, we need to make sure we get this right going forward for every solider and veteran, and for all families involved. The information you shared will be useful in our ongoing National Security Subcommittee investigation and hearings.

Thank you for taking the time to contact me, and please let me know if I may be of assistance in the future.


John F. Tierney


Subcommittee on National Security

And Foreign Affairs

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