Monday, July 23, 2007

A Feel Good Story from the Red Sox Minor Leagues – The Strength of Gabe Kapler

When he was on the roster of the Boston Red Sox, Gabe Kapler made his presence felt – on the field, on the bench, in the clubhouse and in the community. Over the past several years, I have had several opportunities to have conversations with Gabe Kapler. I find him to be among the most thoughtful and articulate athletes I have met. So I was delighted to read in this Sunday’s Boston Globe Magazine, this beautifully written article about Gabe’s new gig as a fledgling manager in the Red Sox minor league system – leading the Single A affiliate, the Greenville Drive.

In this insightful article, Charles P. Pierce of the Boston Globe has captured the essence of the man and the essence of minor league baseball in the 21st century. Ever the teacher and student of baseball – and of life – Gabe Kapler emerges in this profile as someone as passionate about stopping domestic violence - teaching young men not to "hit and run" in their relationships with women - as he is about teaching his young charges to executive the hit and run on the baseball diamond.

I am not alone in predicting that one day this thoughtful and driven man will be sitting in the manger’s seat on the bench of a major league club.


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