Friday, December 14, 2007

Rick Springfield's Support of Gold Star Mothers - "Christmas with You"

On many occasions in the past year and a half, I have written about LT Robert Seidel III, a West Point graduate who died fighting in Iraq in May of 2006. Several of the postings have related to his family and the ways in which they are remembering him and keeping his spirit alive. As I sat down early this morning at my desk, I was catching up on a backlog of e-mails. My attention was arrested by an e-mail I received a few days ago from Rob's mother, Sandy Seidel. Sandy has become active in the Gold Star Mothers, an organization that exists to support those who have lost a son or daughter in battle. As Sandy suggested in her e-mail, I clicked on the link to a video of a song that Rick Springfield has recorded for this Christmas season. I was deeply moved, and am typing through tear-filled eyes. My first impulse was to share my thoughts with the readers of The White Rhino Report, but then I hesitated. I asked myself this question: "Do the readers of my Blog want to read one more story about a soldier who has died in Iraq? Will they feel it is too much?"

The fact that you are reading this posting tells you that I found an answer to those questions. My answer to myself was that most Americans think too little about those who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan - not too much. Few Americans have been touched directly by the loss of a loved one in military service, so it is difficult for us to know how to empathize and be supportive of those who have suffered that devastating loss. The fact that I know several families whose sons and daughters will not be coming home this Christmas gives me both an opportunity and a responsibility to share with those who care to listen something of the reality that these families are dealing with each day.

I am pleased to share the content of Sandy's e-mail and encourage you to listen to the Rick Springfield song:

"I wanted to share a Christmas Video with you that Rick Springfield has just put out. It is really beautiful. It honors our fallen heroes and the men and women in our armed forces. You may have to cut this link and past it but is is worth viewing.

Rob is the 6th soldier in the video."
The direct link is:

If anyone is interested in purchasing the Christmas CD you can order it on line at:

All proceeds go to US Military Veterans Organization, American Gold Star Mothers, Inc.



The holidays can be particularly difficult for families that have suffered a loss. I urge you to reach out as you are able - in prayer, in thought, in word and in deed - and remind these families that they are not alone and their sacrifice does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.



Anonymous said...

Nice post Al! You are so right that most American's know too little about our losses in the wars. I wanted to mention that the Rick Springfield fan community has a fundraiser going on right now to directly benefit the Gold Star Mothers if you are anyone else is interested in it. All details can be found on
as of yesterday we have raised over $1500 for them

Happy Holidays
Rosie Malthaner

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I posted the wrong link! I guess I need another cup of coffee.