Friday, April 04, 2008

Fenway “Falcon” Attacks “A-Rod” – A Story Too Good to Ignore

My friend, Chris Tashjian has an eagle's eye for irony, so he sent me the news about today’s attack on a student visiting Fenway Park by a red tailed hawk – a bird that apparently has managed to feather her nest with season tickets to the Red Sox. The girl was not seriously injured, but the story is worth sharing.

A thirteen year-old student, named Alexa Rodriquez, was part of a school tour group seeing the nooks and crannies of Fenway Park. Alexa’s coach calls her “A-Rod”! As the tour was winding up, “A-Rod” was attacked by the bird that was protecting its egg-bearing nest about 40 feet away from where the students were seated in the upper deck behind home plate.

The Boston Herald and Boston Globe both gave breaking news coverage to the avian attack:

Boston Herald story

Boston Globe pictures

And so it seems that even Mother Nature has weighed in as a Citizen of Red Sox Nation and made her Red Sox vs. Yankees preferences known. Take that, Hank Steinbrenner!


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Mark said...

I saw this story on and the headline me me chuckle, but when I read the story and realized it was about an actual little girl, then I felt bad. I hope her injuries aren't serious.

And it's not her fault she's named after A-Rod. You think the bird could have given her a break!

Come on, Al, there's got to be a pun in here somewhere, and if I know anyone who could find it, it's you!