Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mini-Review: “Hold Tight” by Harlan Coben

Anyone who has been reading The White Rhino Report for any length of time is aware that I am a great admirer of Harlan Coben’s writing. I am slowly making my way through all of his novels. His latest offering, “Hold Tight,” showcases what I consider to be his greatest strengths. He raises the detective novel to a higher level than most of his peers by weaving in a soft and human side to his characters, while at the same time commenting on contemporary social issues. In the case of “Hold Tight,” the action revolves around parents choosing to use electronic tools to spy on their teenage son. The results of that choice fill over 300 pages of fast-paced narrative.

I also love Coben’s wit and ear for sardonic dialogue and narrator’s commentary. I have to share this delicious example:

“Anthony checked his watch. Two more minutes for his break. Man, he wanted to light up. This job didn’t pay as well as his night gig, but it was total cake. He didn’t believe much in superstitious nonsense, but the moon definitely had an effect. Nights were for fighting, and if the moon was full, he knew that he’s have his hands full. Guys were more mellow at lunchtime. They sat quietly and watched and ate the most wretched ‘buffet’ known to mankind, stuff Michael Vick wouldn’t let a dog eat.” (Page 281)

Fans of Coban will love this book. Those who have not yet been introduced to him will have a new favorite author.



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