Friday, April 10, 2009

Sharing a Wonderful Resource: Very Short List

My friend, Rick Cerf, regularly pounds me into submission on the tennis court. Yesterday was a good example: 6-3, 6-2, and 7-5. But, I keep coming back for more because off the court, he is a good friend. He often recommends books I should read and resources I should be aware of.

A few months ago he suggested that I subscribe to a site called “Very Short List.” Each day, in the space of a concise paragraph or two, the site highlights books, movies, concerts and other phenomena that I might not otherwise be aware of. As a result of my daily quick scans through the site, I have discovered authors,musicians, websites and films I might have otherwise missed.

Very Short List Link

You will see that there is a place to subscribe for free.

Today’s posting is a great example. Click on this link to take a wonderful tour of 4 places in Italy, shown through a 24-hour photo cycle of 100 photos for each day and location.

How To spend This Weekend in Italy


Thanks again, Rick. I am going to work on breaking that serve of yours!


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