Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Boston-based internship opportunities for college age students

I have two friends whose Cambridge-based companies are looking to hire very bright and energetic college students for summer internships and beyond. These are paying gigs, and could begin immediately!

Here is a job description for the first opportunity.

I'm looking for an intern for a successful, rapidly-growing online
lead generation business I founded, based in Kendall Square. The
focus is on generating new applicant leads for universities offering
healthcare (mostly nursing) and teacher education degree programs,
through a network of five school directory websites. The expected
time commitment will be 20-30 hours per week over the summer, with the
potential to continue during the school year.

The intern's specific responsibilities may include:

1) Assistance with SEO/link building efforts - identifying and
researching potential link partners through analyzing competitors'
backlinks as well as top-down industry analysis, as well as
researching blogs and offline publications that could be approached
about editorial inclusion of one or more of the websites

2) Writing content for the websites (explanations of different degree
types, overviews of career paths, etc.)

3) Analysis of traffic and conversion data on websites to identify
bottlenecks and areas for improvement

4) Execution and monitoring of Google Website Optimizer tests on the
websites to compare the effectiveness of different layouts, imagery,
creative content, etc.

5) Data augmentation projects for the websites - figuring out
additional value-added data that can be gathered on the various
schools & degree programs listed on the sites, then figuring out how
to acquiring that data, then acquiring it and integrating it into the

Interns with technical skills (Java, Python, Ruby, etc.) may have the
opportunity to work on additional projects, such as designing a system
to handle web form configuration for the websites (many of the schools
have separate sets of information they want gathered on prospective
applicants, so many different versions of the inquiry form are

I'm looking for someone smart, hard-working, autonomous, detail-oriented (borderline OCD), and outgoing. The intern should be
eager to learn, and eager to try and contribute to all the day-to-day
decisions involved in running the business. Web programming and graphic design experience would be a plus, but are not required.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Respond to me at with a resume in MS-Word form (not Vista format) and a cover letter telling how you fit the criteria outlined in the job description,


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