Friday, July 24, 2009

The Day That Changes Everything - Looking Back on the Brawl of July 24, 2004

In this morning's Blog on, Alex Speier offers up a wonderfully thorough and insightful deconstruction of the game that changed everything between the Red Sox and the Yankees franchises.

I was at Fenway Park on the night of July 24, 2004. The Red sox were trailing the Yankees in the AL East race by 9 and a half games, and looked to be slipping out of contention for the playoffs. Along came an errant slider from Bronson Arroyo that clipped A-Rod on his shoulder. He took offense, and started mouthing off at Arroyo. Varitek would have none of it, and the Captain interposed himself between the young pitcher and the mouthy Superstar. After a few F-bombs were exchanged, the Red Sox catcher greeted the Yankees' prima donna with what has been described aptly as "a Wilson sandwich"! The brawl was on, and the baseball world as we had known it was knocked from its accustomed orbit.

Take the time to read all six pages of Speir's wondrous recounting of that rainy night in July.

Speier article

I will be at Fenway tonight. The Sox are slipping behind the Yankees once again. The Orioles will be sitting in the opposing team's dugout. We need a spark! Happy Anniversary!


Go Sox!


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m.johnson-smith said...

Al, I sooo remember this game, it was the 'intersection point' that took the sox to the next level...great post