Friday, March 26, 2010

Mini-Review: "Once a Spy" by Keith Thomson

I love discovering new authors whose work is worth reading. Keith Thomson is such an author. His debut novel, Once a Spy, is a thrilling read. The premise is a fascinating one. What happens when a former intelligence officer suffers prematurely from Alzheimer's disease and still holds in his head secrets that have national security ramifications? The answer is that the agency he worked for is forced to find a way to "neutralize" him.

The adventures that this former spy and his ne'er-do-well horse player of a son share in trying the evade capture and neutralization are thrilling and well told. Thomson has a wonderful eye for gritty detail that adds a layer of believability to the story that is very engaging. He has thrown together some wonderful plot elements that include the Russian mob, the Manhattan project, CIA safe houses, inter-agency rivalries and double dealing. Thomson is writing about matters that he has researched very carefully.

I am eagerly awaiting his next novel.



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