Sunday, May 09, 2010

Diana Gabaldon Keeps Cranking Out Classics - Mini-Review of "Voyager"

Ever since I was was first introduced to the writing of Diana Gabaldon through her novel, "Outlander," I have been systematically working my way through all seven books of the series. During my reading of the second book, I began to wonder how the author would be able to keep things fresh and intriguing using basically the same set of characters and the same plot line. I need not have worried. The time travel adventures of Claire Randall and her Scottish warrior husband, Jamie Fraser, are nothing less than - well, timeless.

In this third installment, entitled "Voyager," Gabaldon has the adventurers set sail in search of Fraser's nephew, Ian, who has been Shanghaied by pirates and impressed into service for them on the high seas and then sold into slavery in the West Indies. In inimitable Gabaldon style, there is plenty of sensational swashbuckling and seductive snuggling.

Galbaldon's voice is unique and her literary style is elegant and gorgeous. I will continue to sail the Outlander seas as long as I can.



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