Sunday, June 27, 2010

An Inspiring Book: "An Eagle Named Freedom - My True Story of a Remarkable Friendship" by Jeff Guidry

As soon as learned about Jeff Guidry's book about his unique friendship with a bald eagle names "Freedom," I wanted to be able to get this book to send to my sister, Diane. She has been deeply involved in rescuing animals for many years, and this is her kind of story. Yet, as I read this inspiring memoir, I quickly realized that this is not just a story for animal lovers and members of the animal rescue community. This is a story for anyone who is willing to learn more about the mystical relationship and bond that can exist across boundaries of species within the larger animal kingdom.

The story begins as one might expect. Guidry and other volunteers at the Sarvey Wildlife shelter in the state of Washington struggle to save the life of a young female bald eagle who has fallen out of her nest and badly injured her wings. The story takes an interesting turn when Guidry is diagnosed with cancer and struggles to bear the physical and emotional burdens of many debilitating rounds of chemotherapy. The eagle seemed to sense that Guidry was struggling with a deep problem, and it was her giving back to him - sometimes in the form of a rare "hug" with her deformed wings - that gave Guidry the courage and spirit to fight through the many layers of the disease's hold on his body and spirit.

I cannot think of many people within my sphere of friends and acquaintances who would not be deeply moved by reading Guidry's account of his special relationship with "Freedom."



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