Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Conference at Columbia Business School That Could Be of Interest to White Rhino Readers - Friday, September 24

I recently visited with my good friend, Dan Beaudry. Dan heads up the U.S. operations for a firm called "QS" - QS - the world's leading network for top careers and education

During the course of our conversation, Dan mentioned an upcoming conference that QS is sponsoring at Columbia Business School on September 24th. As he described the topics that will be covered, it occurred to me that the event may be of interest to many readers of The White Rhino Report. Dan was gracious enough to give me permisison to tell you something about the event:

Al: "Dan, you’d mentioned a conference yesterday that might be of interest to my Blog readers in New York. Why do you think people might be interested in it?"

Dan: "Well, from attending your White Rhino Intersection conferences and meeting people in your network, I know that your friends and readers tend to be interested in leadership development, graduate business education and ‘doing the right thing’. The conference I mentioned yesterday is the intersection of those things."

Al: "Well, what is this all about? How will these topics be addressed in your conference?"

Dan: "We’re calling it “Developing Responsible Leaders: Who’s Responsible?” Business schools and MBA programs have taken some heat in recent months because many of those blamed for the financial crisis have an MBA. Some people claim that MBA curricula over-emphasize profit, and neglect other areas of executive responsibility. We’ve partnered up with Columbia Business School and assembled some leaders on both sides of this issue for a discussion on how companies and business schools can work together to develop ‘responsible’ leaders. It’s an important dialogue to have – particularly in the heart of world’s financial center."

Al: "What do you mean by ‘responsible’ leadership?"

Dan: "That’s part of the discussion, actually. I expect that business ethics, shareholder return and corporate social responsibility will all surface at some point. We’ll have learning and development executives from some of the larger financial institutions (AIG, CIT, Marsh, etc.) involved in the program, as well as some professors from New York-area business schools. All White Rhino Report readers are welcome!"

White Rhino Report readers interested in attending the conference will get $100 discount courtesy of Al Chase by entering coupon code WHITERHINO during check out. Click here to register.


Columbia Business School

September 24th, 2010


Click here for the full agenda and speakers list

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