Monday, January 30, 2012

A Very Practical Guide for Bridging the Gap between Generations in the Workplace - Review of "Fuse" by Jim Finkelstein with Mary Gavin

Jim Finkelstein and Mary Gavin have at their disposal a vast database of wisdom culled from decades of consulting, advising and operating a variety of companies. In "Fuse - Making Sense of the New Cogenerational Workplace," they offer a series of practical and easily-applied insights into how to bridge the considerable gap that makes it a challenge for Baby Boomers and Millenials to communicate and co-exist with each other. The major take-away from this useful handbook is that it is well worth the effort that it takes for us Boomers to be able to see the world through the same lens that the Millenial Generation uses. Conversely, the rising generation in the workplace can learn not to dismiss my generation as nothing more than obstructionist dinosaurs who are Luddites and technophobes. In other words, the insights offered in this book allow Boomers to walk a mile in the Crocs of the Millenials; it also enables Millenials to walk a mile in our wingtips!

The vision that the authors share in this book is that we are capable of moving beyond pejorative dismissal of the other generation and move to a place of synergy - where the divergent views and practices of the two generations become complementary and supplemental to one another. In other words, by fusing our separate sensibilities, everyone wins. They share specific examples of individuals and companies that have moved into that "fusion" mindset.

The book is useful to older managers and executives who seek to hire and fully utilize the rising generation of well-educated and creative Millenials. It is also helpful in guiding young workers in how to understand and appreciate older bosses to whom they report.

Enjoy reading and applying the wisdom contained within this useful tool.

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