Monday, April 02, 2012

Rush to Harvard Square To See Sondheim's "Sunday in the Park with George" by the Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club

I was lucky enough to see the original Broadway production of "Sunday in the Park with George" starring Bernadette Peters and Many Patinkin. So, the bar had been set high for any future productions of this marvelous musical. I was not sure what to expect this weekend when I made my way to the Loeb Theater for the Harvard Radcliffe Dramatic Club's presentation of the play. I was blown away!

When "Sunday in the Park with George" opened in the early 1980's, the technology available to depict some of the show's most interesting graphic concepts was primitive by today's standards. Under Director, Ryan Halprin and Video/Projection Director, Sean Goller, this cast and crew have utilized a variety of projection and animation technologies that have vaulted this production to a whole new level of storytelling.

The ensemble cast was wonderful, faithfully adding their own individual brushstrokes to the overall portrait being painted in this production. The brilliant use of technology and the creativity of the design and production teams both framed and illuminated the show in wonderful and breathtaking ways. They have done a marvelous job of "Putting It Together."

You have three more opportunities this week to catch this beautifully conceived and executed production.

And that, as Sondheim said, "is the state of the art"!



A Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical about the chaos of reality and the forms we use to make sense of it, Sunday in the Park with George combines innovative storytelling with Sondheim’s masterful score to bring the characters of Seurat’s most famous painting to life. With a focus on modern visual art, technology, and movement as a means of storytelling, we will explore both the unending allure of art and the devastating toll of obsessing over it. Join us as Harvard artists from diverse disciplines converge on one stage to tell a story that will both consume and inspire anyone who has ever had an artistic experience.

Thursday, April 5th @ 8pm
Friday, April 6th @ 8pm
Saturday, April 7th @ 8pm

On the Loeb Mainstage at 64 Brattle St.

Tickets available at the Harvard Box Office
$8 students; $12 general admission

Directed and Choreographed by Ryan Halprin
Music Directed by Sam Schoenberg
Produced by Anna Kelsey, Andrea Moreno, and Natalie Feldman

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