Friday, October 19, 2012

A Welcome Service to Veterans Looking for VA Home Mortgages - Jack Amberg as Secret Weapon

I have known Jack Amberg for many years.  A West Point grad living in the Chicago area, Jack is a tireless advocate for the men and women who  have served in our nation's military.  He recently shared with me some exciting news that I thought worth sharing with readers of The White Rhino Report.  Jack, from his base in Chicago, is now able to service clients in all 50 states.

You cannot go wrong having Jack in your corner as you look to find housing solutions as you transition from the military.

"A known entity for you.  My name is Jack Amberg and I served our nation for 26 years as an Enlisted Soldier, a Cadet at West Point and an Officer Soldier in the US Army.  I now have the privilege of continuing to serve my fellow Veterans by being an expert in VA mortgages so that they don’t have to be.  I can explain the steps needed and information you’ll have to provide in simple, easy to understand terms.  I focus on accomplishing the mission and I maintain my value set when it comes to stewarding other people’s money.

As you transition, your VA mortgage benefits are a tremendous tool to improve the quality of your life.  If the price of your new home is at or below $417,000, (some states vary) you can purchase your home with nothing down.  There is a VA funding fee but this can be rolled into the loan, or if you have service connected disabilities, the funding fee is waived.  You can re-use benefits.  You can refinance later without having appraisals etc.

If you are getting a big house, the price of the home can be up to $1 Million, there is a VA Jumbo Mortgage Option.  There is a down payment of 25% but rates are generally 3/4ers to 1% lower than regular jumbo rates.

As a Federal Residential Banker, I am authorized to conduct business in all 50 states.  Someone who is focused on assisting you to reach your goals….

Rates are normally 3/4ers to 1% lower and down the line, that can make a big difference when paying off a mortgage.

Finally, I am based in the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  I can act as a ‘sponsor’ if you will if you intend to relocate to Chicago.  I am happy to talk about our city and area including quality of life and employment opportunities.  I can find you a realtor who can get you into any type of neighborhood you want…from kid friendly to no kids at all.

Let me know how I can serve you."
Jack Amberg, MBA, Mortgage Banker
The Federal Savings Bank
1823 Centre Point Circle
Naperville IL 60563 I USA
cell: (630) 995-5244
(630) 780-1628
fax: (312) 628-8483
NMLS# 698289

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