Monday, November 12, 2012

Veterans' Day Gift - RallyPoint Launches - The Career Building Tool Is Now Open to All Veterans


Here is an excellent and very practical way on this Veterans' Day for us to honor the men and women who are serving and who have served  in our nation's military.  Share with each Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, and Veteran in your network the news I am pleased to make you aware of today.

I am excited to pass along this message from my friends at RallyPoint.  Yinon Weiss and Aaron Kletzing are both military veterans who have applied their military experience and Harvard Business School training to the task of helping those serving in the military to play a more proactive role in charting their military career, using the latest in social networking technologies.

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We’re launching today -- in honor of Veterans Day!
Thank you for the support and encouragement you've given to our RallyPoint team as we grew from a mere idea to a real business.  We first launched our beta site on Aug 1st to an invitation-only group of military leaders covering a wide range of ranks and specializations.  As this group continued to grow, we decided to move our full launch earlier -- and I’m excited to let you know that we are opening our site to the entire military today -- in honor of Veterans Day!

Here is a 90 second launch video that I think you will enjoy...
Video Intro


Many of you have asked how you can help our launch today.  Here are 3 quick things you can do:
  • Help share our launch video on places like Facebook:
  • Do you know anyone currently serving in the military?  Send them the video link and refer them to our homepage
  • If you know any media contacts who would be interested in learning more, please let us know.
As the nation reflects on Veterans Day, we thank you for your support and encouragement.

Empower Your Military Life and Career - Sign Up Today for RallyPoint!

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