Thursday, January 03, 2013

A Journey through the Underbelly of the Beast - Review of "Amadeus" by Ravi S. Kudesia

My friend,  Ravi Kudesia, is a fascinating and multi-faceted human being.  One of those facets is that of being a bit of a mystic.  So, when Ravi shared with me that he was writing a novel, I was not surprised that his work of fiction turned out to be a bit mystical,  as well.  The subtitle of "Amadeus" is "A Tour through the Underbelly of the Beast."

This literary metaphysical journey began with a real incident that Ravi had shared with me shortly after the event had taken place.  Late one night in Boston's Copley Square neighborhood, Ravi was famished and had a desire for a Spicy Chicken Sandwich from the Wendy's on Boylston Street.  I walked by that particular fast food emporium yesterday, and smiled as it reminded me that this spot was "Ground Zero" for Ravi's literary ambitions.  A memorable encounter with a homeless man at the restaurant started the wheels turning in Ravi's mind.  He used that incident to create a complex plot in which the homeless man becomes the protagonist's psychic guide through 33 portals of hell.  If you want to imagine the style of this novel, picture equal parts of Carlos Castanada, Herman Hesse, Dan Brown, Dante Alighieri, Umberto Eco, symbols and signs from the realm of Freemasonry, syncretistic elements of Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, and a wonderful sense of humor and sense of the magical and mystical.

During a trying night in what seems like a Boston of a parallel universe, Connor Donovan is led by Amadeus through a serious of adventures and locations that present him with danger - real or imagined - and the chance to ask and answer basic questions about life and its many  layers of meaning.  This is a work of fiction that is not for the existentially faint of heart, but one that is a delight for those who enjoy exposing themselves to the world of ideas placed in a setting of action and adventure.  

I invite you to join Connor and Amadeus on Mr. Kudesia's journey of exploration  into the nature of truth and knowledge.  I think you will find this Spicy Chicken Sandwich of a book filling and fulfilling.


Ravi S. Kudesia is an author, meditator, and behavioral scientist. He has consulted for government agencies, led seminars at major universities, launched and flipped websites, taught meditation to hundreds of clients, published research in academic journals, and developed business at top ad agencies. He currently lives and works out of St. Louis.

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