Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A "MUST READ": Daniel Pink and Rob Ten Pass Present "Johnny Bunko - The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need,"

Daniel Pink is a National Treasure!  His books, "A Whole New Mind," "To Sell Is Human" and "Drive" are works that I have recommended to hundreds of people, and have given copies of these works to dozens of family members and friends.  In this new little book, "Johnny Bunko - The Last Career Guide You'll Ever Need," Pink has teamed up with artist Rob Ten Pas to present his ideas in classic Japanese manga style. This is, in effect, a non-fiction graphic novel, aimed at the generation that has grown up on this genre.

In "Johnny Bunko" Pink and Ten Pas have drawn insights from Pink's earlier works. They present in a very creative form six key principles for success in building a satisfying career - and life.  Several of these principles on the surface sound and feel counter-intuitive and fly in the face of the cant advice that young professionals often received from well-meaning parents, teachers and mentors.

1. There is no plan
2. Think strengths, not weaknesses
3. It's not about you
4. Persistence trumps talent
5. Make excellent mistakes
6. Leave an imprint.

The book is tremendously practical and instantly applicable to anyone who finds herself or himself in a job that is less than  fulfilling.  As I read the book, I began to think of several of my friends to whom I am eager to pass this book along.

The book can be read easily in one sitting, and will make a life-long impact on those wise enough to head its words.

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