Thursday, May 22, 2014

An Excellent Novel That Looks At Special Forces in Afghanistan On Horseback - "Wynne's War" by Aaron Gwyn

With "Wynne's War," author Aaron Gwyn combines the best of a Zane Grey novel with a tale as fresh as the latest deployment to Afghanistan by our Special Forces.  This novel has been meticulously researched, so in reading it, I felt I was on horseback with Elijah Russel and his cohort in searching for potential prisoners of war being held by the Taliban somewhere in the mountains on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

The "Wynne" in the title is Captain Wynne, a charismatic Special Forces leader who has literally come back from the dead to lead this rogue group in a mission that may or may not be on the books.  Russell is placed in a position in which he has to decide if he will obey an order from the Captain or return to attend to his closest friend, who has been wounded by enemy fire.  It does not help that the Captain's actions have been strange enough to cause Corporal Russell to question where the Captain's true loyalties may lie.

This novel, full of gripping action, also raises questions that many of our warriors have to face.  How do you continue following questionable orders when you are not sure if you believe in the mission nor do you trust the man who is issuing the orders?  Tough questions - and a very good read..



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