Thursday, November 20, 2014

Review of "Your Brand" by Michael Brito - Turning Your Company Into A Media Company

In the briskly paced "Your Brand," Michael Brito's approach to explicating what a Social Business Strategy is and how to execute one for your company is straight forward and comprehensive.  He offers a point by point explanation and step by step formula for executing on such a strategy of turning whatever business you may be operating into a media company that tells its own story effectively and in a dynamic and timely manner.

I was particularly gratified when I saw that a company that I know well, and use each day,GaggleAmp, was included in the list of necessary ingredients for a balanced diet of social media.  GaggleAmp enhances and amplifies a company's ability to use its own employees to tell the company's story to their own individual social networks. (pages 85-86)

GaggleAmp Website

This book is a "must have" for the persons who are responsible for organizing the way that their company authors its narrative and presents that ever-changing narrative to the world in a way that is consistent and compelling.



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